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Located in St Julians, our school teachers all speak English as a first language and our goal is to create a real sense of community and care for our students alongside an excellent level of teaching in all our courses. Being a small to medium sized school teaching for over 20 years, we can take the time to give proper attention to our students both inside and outside the classroom.


With our central location in Malta opposite the Hilton Hotel and our second building just 100 metres away, our classroooms and facilities are all close to the accommodation and student apartments we offer, and our online student community keeps you in touch and supported wherever you are.


Elanguest founded the world's largest online EFL community, has won accolades for its teaching performance and has worked on international European Union projects developing new training courses which are used by medical staff and professionals across Europe and the world.

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EAP Malta - English For Academic Purposes

The EAP course offered by Elanguest in Malta is, in essence, a crash-course in EAP which will give students who wish to study in the UK HE system a greater understanding of what skills are required of them, not only during ...
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Business / Sales / Marketing / Journalism...

What sort of internships can we arrange? Elanguest English Language School is offering placement in an unpaid marketing internship or journalism internship in Malta, with a strong emphasis on online marketing, for a period of ...
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Survival English Crash Course

The Elanguest Survival English course is designed as a crash course in English basics - it's not for complete beginners as it's all about talking, so some basic skills are necessary. If you're already elementary level or above, ...
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English for journalists

The Elanguest ‘English for journalists’ course has been specially designed by journalists and teachers specifically for journalists working in an English speaking environment. Our customised course teaches the focused language ...
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English for Pharmacists

Pharmacists play an essential role when serving the health needs of the general public. In today's world, pharmacists are often the first point of contact between a patient and the medical profession, as authorities on drugs ...
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English for Tourism and Hospitality

English skills are crucial for those working within the tourism and hospitality business, not only for day to day tasks but also for career progression. The Elanguest 'English for tourism and hospitality' course is skills ...
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English for Nurses

The Elanguest 'English for nurses' course is designed to meet the language demands specific to nurses working in an English speaking environment. The course is focused on the diagnostic, communicative and administrative language ...
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English for Doctors

Our 'English for doctors' course is designed to meet the needs of doctors working in an International environment. Building on over 15 years of teaching medical English, our English for Doctors course focuses on the terminology ...
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Partners / Accreditations

Over the past 12 years, Elanguest has been project partners with some of the foremost Universities in Europe in developing teaching material for English Learning. 2001 – 2003 – Englishmed.com – online resources for Medical English 2005 – ...
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Pearson Test Of English

Pearson Test of English (PTE) General is an assessment solution at six different levels of proficiency – A1 (Foundation) to Level 5 (Proficient) for the accreditation of general English language ability. It assesses reading, ...
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The School

Elanguest - English Language School in Malta Find out more about our English language school, our teachers and students - and if you need any more info, just ask. Since all our accommodation is in the St Julians area, ...
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Travelling To Malta

Air Travel Air travel to Malta gets easier and easier with time, as budget airlines now operate alongside the International carriers from destinations around the world. Alitalia, KLM, Lufthansa, Swissair, Tunisavia, British ...
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Airport Transfers

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Contact Us

Use our Live Chat feature to talk to a member of staff now or leave a message using our course enquiry form School – Head Office Address Elanguest Ltd. Keating House, Ross Street St. Julians, STJ3243, Malta Telephone Numbers School Office  ...
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We Care (Our Promise)

Our language school was founded by David and Ursula West with one goal in mind – to create a friendly, supportive environment where students could be taught English by great teachers. It’s simple, and it’s what we’ve been doing for over 20 years. Our School Community Moving ...
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Terms And Conditions

These are Elanguest's terms and conditions. Please read them before booking a course. All bookings are subjects to availability. No booking has been accepted until Elanguest has issued an invoice to the student or agent. Each ...
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PTE Certificate

Here's an example of the Pearson test certificate
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Pearson Test Structure

The written part is made up of nine sections at all levels and assesses listening, reading and writing. The spoken part consists of three sections at levels A1 and 1, and four sections at levels 2 to 5. It assesses speaking.
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Pearson Test Format

What skills are tested? PTE General integrates all four skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) and focuses on assessing the ability of communicating in English, rather than test taking skills. The tasks in the ...
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Pearson Results and Reports

Test Takers Test takers’ “Statements of Provisional Results” will be sent out by courier on the date listed in the test timetable. The statement of results is divided into two, length-ways, with a perforated seam down the middle. ...
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