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A Sense of humour

“A sense of humour is the most important of all human qualities”

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Without humour I believe life would seem too boring to bear. It would be like a joke without a point, totally without meaning.
Of course a good balanced set of different qualities is vital, you won’t get far with only humour. A person who simply laughs at everything will get on other people’s nerves so seriously that he or she will probably be murdered in no time. But if I was to select one quality which is the one most important , it would definately be humour. Just as well as a person with only humour would find himself strangled one of these days, one without it would find himself ready to jump out of a window. That’s how dramatically important humour is!
The question is really, what is a sense of humour then?

People often say about each other: He or she has no sense of humour and in ninty nine cases out of a hundred, that means “he or she has not got my sense of humour.” That is what we say when somebody doesn’t laugh at our jokes but just looks at us as if we had thrown something disgusting in their face (which is often actually the case for me, having a pretty vulgar sense of humour myself.)
So, to come to this conclusion that humour is so important, we have to rule out the subjective view of what a sense of humour is. As long as we have one, we are okay, however vulgar or impossible to understand it is to other people. There might be people who are judged by everybody to be a total bore, who goes home in the evening and laughs his head off before the weather broadcast, or simply because everybody else has such a bad sense of humour! Who knows?
Well then my conclusion is this : A sense of humour is the most important of all human qualities, no matter how strange that sense is.

Written by Sofea Oscaarson