Elanguest is now proudly partnered with EC English Language Centres, Malta.

English for Work

Are you looking to improve your English to open doors to a new career?

Who is this course for?

This course is excellent for job seekers who need to learn or improve their English to enter into an increasingly competitive globalised job market. English for Work is designed to help people preparing for interviews, being ready for transitions to new cultures and environments, and excelling in their new position.

How it works

      English is firmly established as the language of international business regardless of where the business is based. As a result, there are far more non-native speakers of English than native speakers. This course gives students the edge to get the job they want or excel in the one they have.

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      This course is available as either

      1. English for Work – (20 x 45 minute sessions) 15 hours/week
      2. English for Work Intensive - (30 x 45 minute sessions) 22.5 hours/week

      Course Details

      Using engaging methods and materials, experienced teachers will guide you through the learning process while covering such topics as:

      • Getting noticed through social networking
      • Writing a CV and cover letter that will stand out
      • Interview techniques and preparation
      • Getting settled in a new environment (finding accommodation, opening bank accounts, dealing with residency issues, and minimising culture shock)
      • Appropriate dress in the workplace
      • When to use formal or informal English with colleagues and clients
      • Socialising with colleagues
      • Writing emails and reports
      • Appropriate telephone language and multimedia use (e.g. Skype conferencing)