Elanguest is now proudly partnered with EC English Language Centres, Malta.

English for Doctors

A specialist English course for Doctors working in an English environment.

Who is this course for?

Our 'English for doctors' course is designed to meet the needs of doctors working in an International environment.

Building on over 15 years of teaching medical English, our English for Doctors course focuses on the terminology and language skills required in this highly demanding profession.

Why choose Elanguest?

Having worked with International partners such as the University of Jules Verne Picardie in Amiens, The University of Santiago Di Compostella, Innsbruck Medical University, Tokyo Medical University, and others on our website Englishmed.com, we have built, and proudly maintain a reputation for quality Medical English training.

What does this course cover?

Subjects covered include medical terminology, consultancy in English, effective communication with patients concerning family history, examinations, treatment, patients' complaints, advice, and much more including:

  • Anatomy (Parts of the body)
  • Functions of the body
  • Medical practitioners
  • Medical education in the UK
  • The overseas doctor
  • Health and illness (Asking about health)
  • Hospitals (Introduction to a hospital, Outpatients, Inpatients)
  • Primary care in the UK (NHS, The practice team, General Practitioners)
  • Symptoms and signs/symptoms and pain
  • The respiratory system
  • The heart and circulation
  • Infections
  • The skin
  • Basic investigations (Opthalmoscopy, blood pressure, taking blood)
  • Screening and immunization
  • Medical ethics (GMC guidelines, Bioethical issues)
  • Taking a history (A full case history) w Personal history / w Presenting complaint / w Past medical history / w Drug history / w Family history / w Social and personal history / w Patient ideas, concerns and expectations
  • Physical examination
  • Medical treatment
  • Mental illness and mental state examination
  • Explaining diagnosis and management
  • Discussing treatment
  • Giving bad news
  • Lay terms and definitions
  • Verbs used in medical instructions
  • Medical abbreviations
  • Medical English terminology
  • Case presentations
  • The nervous system

Teaching methods

Our teachers use a mixture of role plays, group discussions, small group activities, note taking and listening practice to ensure the best possible learning experience throughout our 'English for doctors' programme. Language learned is continuously reinforced and recycled through activities designed to simulate real life situations.

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am until 12:30 pm and then the afternoon lessons start again at 1:00 pm finishing at 2:30 pm.